Mother & Son | The Anderson Family

These photos have been sitting in my blog draft box just waiting to be seen! (There are a lot of those...I'm trying to catch up!) Anyways, I just love these two. I know I probably say that about everyone I photograph, but that's just because I'm lucky enough to capture the moments of the people I treasure. My first vivid memory of Julia is sitting in a tiny office at a YoungLife house, just talking about life and Jesus. She is such a kindhearted, loving, inspirational lady, and she is doing an amazing job raising her son. Seriously--AMAZING. I have spent a lot of time around kids, and this dude is one of the very best. I feel so thankful to know them both and be able to capture their special relationship. And I'm thankful that they keep me in business! ;)

"Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing."