Clear | Nate & Kenz

This girl? She's one of my closest friends. We went to lunch after church one Sunday, spilled our guts to each other, and have been walking with Jesus and each other ever since. (I say "ever since" like it has been's been six months. That's how good this friendship is.) And this guy? He is pretty special, too. It has been incredible to watch him pursue her and point her to Jesus. They've been married about a month and a half but it feels like they've been together forever. I am so thankful to not only have amazing friends in this couple, but also an incredible example of what it means to be in a Christ-centered relationship. Thanks for letting me try my hand at engagement photos. I don't know if I'm completely hooked yet...but maybe someday. :)

"You're the only thing that I have ever been sure of." -Needtobreathe